Established 1933

Scheduled Fees & Services

Revised as of August 1, 2016


The following fees may be assessed against your account. Transaction limitations, if any, also apply. Fees are subject to change at any time.


Bond Coupons (per envelope)  $7.00


Money Orders and Cashier's Checks

     Customer $7.00

     Non-Customer $12.00


 Monthly Dormant Account Service Charge (SC)

     If you have made no deposits or withdrawals to your account

     for 1 year, it is dormant:  $1.00


Overdrafts (OD)

     Each item paid or returned - ATM, Debit, Draft, Check: $35.00


Insufficient Funds

     Debit Memo (DM) each item paid or returned - ATM, Debit, Draft, Check: $35.00


Debit Card Charge Back Fee: $15.00

Charge Back Fee - (Commercial Accounts Only): $10.00


Account Activity Printout: $3.00


Special Statement Cutoff: $10.00


Account Research (per hour): $25.00


Stop Payments (SPC)

     (all items): $35.00


Wire Transfers

     Outgoing: $16.00

     Incoming for Non-Customer: $16.00

     Foreign Wire Transfers: $50.00

     Incoming for Customer: No Charge


Items for Collection: $10.00


Photocopies per Sheet: $1.00


Replace Lost Debit Card: $10.00


Monthly Debit Card Fee: No Charge


Safe Deposit Boxes: Inquire at Local Branch


Online Banking: No Charge


Online Cash Management: Call for Pricing


E-Mail Statements: No Charge


CD Statements: $25.00/month


Personal Checkfree WebPay: No Charge


Business CheckFree WebPay: No Charge