Established 1933

Photo of General Harry M. Arthur

The General


Harry M. Arthur graduated from the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, at the top of his class in 1921. A veteran of World Wars I and II, he devoted a total of thirty-eight years to his country as a citizen soldier. General Arthur received major decorations from both the United States and the Republic of China. He retired as a Major General on October 1, 1959 after a meaningful contribution to the defense of our nation. General Arthur was a philanthropist and an industrialist. He combined knowledge and unlimited energy to become president of a chain mercantile operation and President of the South Carolina Bankers Association. He was very active with the South Carolina National Guard Association and a recipient of the Distinguished Public Service Award from the South Carolina Department of the American Legion. As evidence of his great contribution to his alma mater and the credit reflected thereon, The Citadel conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Military Science at their graduation exercises on May 29, 1965. After establishing Arthur and Woodruff / Pinnacle State Banks then purchasing Chesnee / Carolina State Bank, General Arthur became President and Chairman of the Board of each bank. General Arthur died in February 1988 at the age of 88. Carolina State Bank and Pinnacle State Bank both merged with Arthur State Bank in 2003.  All three banks are now known as Arthur State Bank, which is still owned and operated by the Arthur Family.